Techeuropa Inspection and Certification Pvt. Ltd.
Techeuropa Inspection and Certification Pvt. Ltd. 
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CE Certificate CE.IN.MD.13 of MADRAS CHAINS AND SLINGS is suspended due to Non-Compliance of requirement. CE Certificate CE.IN.PED.12 of FSP TECHNOLOGIES is suspended due to Non-Compliance of requirement.
  ISO 13485
  ISO 9001
  ISO 14001
  OHSAS 18001
  ISO 27001
  ISO/TS 16949
  Firefighting Industries
  Pressure Vessels


Techeuropa Inspection & Certifications Private Limited (TIC) provides a range of inspection services and is known for its trusted support for clients products, projects and processes.

Inspections help minimize the risk of defective products by ensuring they meet both customer standards and industry & government regulations. This enables to protect your business interests, helps manage your risk and ensures quality products are manufactured and delivered to their final destination at the specifications of the customer.

Independent third-party inspections help clients around the world to protect their financial, branding and legal interests throughout the entire supply chain - from raw materials & finished goods to plant facilities & assets.

We offer inspection services to manufacturers, retailers, traders, plant operators, governments and other buyers and sellers of materials and products in the world market.

Area of Inspection:
   - Firefighting Industries
   - Pressure Vessel
   - Welding

We provide Inspection services for various categories in the firefighting chemical and equipment manufacturing industries as per the European and their equivalent directives like Pressure Equipment Directive, Constructional product directives, etc. and to the regulatory standards like EN 3-7, EN 615, EN 1568 etc.

Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) of all classes & foam based chemical (High expansion and Low expansion foam) for surface application to water miscible/ immiscible liquids.

We also provide inspection service in manufacturing process, test performance like hydro test, corrosion test, crush test, welding aspects etc

We provide inspection services in Welder Personal Qualification (WPQ) , Welder Procedure Qualification record (WPQR) and Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) as well as per various European Standards like EN/ISO 9606, EN/ISO 15614, ASME IX, etc.

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